The system that offers accurate data that supports football players in their physical training. With our easy-to-use and accurate solution you get access to important data such as distances moved, speed, number of accelerations and decelerations, time used in speed zones and more!

Ultra-wide Band (UWB)

The solution uses Ultra-wide Band (UWB) radio technology which, when coupled with our algorithms, offers great positioning accuracy and speed. SPÅT employs a cloud-supported positioning engine, to where the tracking devices (tags individual to each user) send the positioning coordinates via the pitchside beacons. The positioning engine performs the actual calculations, and the requested information is returned for analysis and action via our easy-to-use interface. 

SPÅT offers a great sports tracking solution at a very affordable price compared to existing systems. The pitchside beacons can be used by unlimited teams and the only running cost is a monthly fee for the players’ tags.
The system is rugged and durable and works in all weathers, and even indoors. The tags are light and easy to wear and have wireless charging with any charger.
The fixed system offers a reliable and easy to use system in indoor arenas or pitches where installation is permanent. Always on and ready to measure your performance! The mobile system offers a flexible way to create your own pitch in smaller spaces or when you don’t use the same facilities daily. Fast charging beacons and routers are easy to set up to suit your changing needs.
Every player deserves world class data

Meet the team

The SPÅT team is made of football people. Former pro players, coaches, software professionals; all with one shared love of The Beautiful Game. Our goal is to bring professional level data to all players- with an affordable price tag.